COVID-19 – What to know before coming to the Park

Last Updated -Nov 13th, 2020

Please note: As of this time, we are closed to the public due to the Current Code Red situation in Manitoba (open for Curbside Pickup of Merch only, by Appointment).  We have also made the decision at this time to do our part to flatten the curve and not be a part of the problem.  So we are shutting our doors to live music and event until Mid January, and will circle back and make a further decision at that time whether we feel it is safe to be open. 

Let’s talk about the very necessary COVID-19 precautions we ALL must take to ensure each other’s safety. We want to be the poster-child for how to successfully hold events like this safely. With that in mind,  The Park Theatre has some rules and protocols that MUST be followed:
1 –  Existing Illness. If you are feeling unwell, displaying any of the symptoms attributed to COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact within the last month with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home. We highly recommend that attendees take the Province of Manitoba’s Screening Tool the day of each show.
2 – Masks are Mandatory. Put them on outside before you enter. Masks must be worn at ALL times you are not seated. If you get up to use the washroom, order a drink, or leave, you must be wearing your mask.
3 – Sanitize your hands. Use the Sanitize Station when you first enter. Hand sanitizer is available on every bar and at the venue entrance. Use it often for your safety and protection.
4 – Safe Distance. Maintain a 6-foot distance from others not in your bubble at ALL times, even if wearing a mask.
5 – CODE ORANGE UPDATE: Last Call will be before 10:00 pm, with no Alcohol Served after 10 pm, per new MB COVID guidelines and bylaw, with all Patrons needing to vacate the premises by 11:00 pm
On Arrival: Follow the spacing tracks on the floor to the check-in counter (left side of the bar) to get your seat assignments.  You will need to sign in, and we will need your contact information for contact tracing,
Entering/Exiting the Venue: Heed the Yellow Arrows on the floor at both sets of venue doors that show which way to enter and which way to exit. Please do not swim upstream! At the end of the event, use whichever exit is closest to you table.
Seating: Seating is at tables or benches, your table / seating area will be indicated on your wrist band. Please do not move seats / chairs or change seating.
Ordering beverages: Grab one when you first arrive, but heed the spacing markers on the floor. When inside the venue, use an ordering light to order a drink at any time. Simply press the light, and one of the masked staff will come take your order. They can take, visa, MC, debit or cash on the spot. Drink responsibly but please do support the Park Theatre.

Mingling: You may well know other people at the show but this is not the time to mingle, especially while we are under Threat Level Orange. Please stick to your bubbles while inside the building.

Bio Breaks: Do heed the call of nature. The washrooms are the only place in the building where 6-foot distancing cannot be maintained, however, restrictions are in place for the number of people in each washroom at any given time: 2 each for the Men’s and Ladies and 1 for Gender Neutral/Accessible. If you enter a washroom and it is at capacity, please wait outside until space becomes available.