Ego Spank
Wits End Winter Series

Ego Spank

$25.00 On Wits End
Ages 18+
Wits End Presents Ego Spank, as part of their Park Theatre Winter Series

Well funk me silly - these guys will have you dancin' in your pants! What better way to head into Spring?

If there were such a thing as Hot Funk Yoga, experiencing Ego Spank would be it; intense, blazing, and capable of moving you in ways you didn't know you could! Ego Spank mixes up diverse musical influences to deliver its own unique funky stew. The band consistently delivers astonishing live performances, weaving complex funk rhythms, strong bass lines and mind-boggling solos with distinctive vocals and musical wit that create a strong, infectious groove guaranteed to move.

With Ego Spank, the hilarious banter is part of the show – you know you’re experiencing something real, uncontrived, joyful and above all, musically delicious!

Venue Information:
The Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street

Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2B9